Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boot Camp

Yesterday,the rain was very heavy in the morning..That didn't stop me from going to Boot camp. there was 26 other silly women and 1 male. We all put in 110%. Whilst I was running in the rain the girls were sitting in the car laughing at us slipping and sliding around in the mud. The things we do to try and get fit and lose weight. Photos were taken on this day so as soon as they are emailed to me I will post them,just to show you how much I looked like a drowned RAT.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest LO for Hybrid Designs

This LO is for challenge #5 for the Hybrid Design "Survivor Challenge",we had to create a LO about family using only cardstock as our suppliies go wet..We had to go back to basic scrapbooking, we were able to use brads, paint, cotton etc.. This LO I called "Family Circle". This picture is of my cousins wedding {Janelle} to her hubby{Corbin} and their gorgeous son Jiah.. janelle sent me lots of pics of Jiah, so you will see alot of him over the next few weeks, in my pages..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Day at the Races

Yesterday I went to the races in Echuca for my friends {Anna's} Hen's party.. The day was beautiful, all the girls frocked up and looked gorgeous, some even took the next step and wore facinators in their hair.
We placed some bets, we put in $5.00 each to give a total of $120. to play with, we came home with $60.00 to put on the bar so we thought that was ok!
Cindy had packed the most beautiful food for the day, I was real strong seen I am doing the "Greatest Loser Challenge". I took my own food and I only drank water, I was impressed with myself.
Went out for tea when we got back, I had grilled Barramundi and vege, I asked for no potato and definitely no chips.
I have a weigh into today, so shortly I am going to go and do a last minute workout..
wish me luck on the weigh in...