Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hubby and I took the girls to the Blue Mountains with our good friends "The Prices"..
We stayed in the mountains for five glorious days.. The weather was totally amazing as was the scenery.On the first day we all went for a walk as a group, but it was decided that the girls could take the kids for the rest of the the walk as there was many stairs. The walk was only meant to take 45 minutes. We did the walk and then we kept going.. By god there was soooooo many stairs, when we got to the top there was no sign posts as to where we were meant to go so we headed out and down the road and up and down gigantic hills..We walked for ages, when we came along some locals, they pointed us in to the right direction. They said that a lot of walkers got lost. We walked for another hour and we were still getting nowhere. So we asked another local how to get to where we needed to be. We were off again, by this time the kids were whinging as they where hot, tired and hungry. After another 30 minutes we found our holiday house.. The men thought it was a great joke. We spent our time doing lots of bush walks.. The kids had so much fun at the scenic park.. They had so much fun on the vertical train. they road it 22 times.. The attendants told to sit backwards, even us parents were coaxed into giving it a go.. Gee it hurt your neck.
The kids had a great time..I couldn't find any scrapbooking shops in the local area, so my hubby drove me into Penrith and we spent a little time and cash at shop called "scrapbook superstore'.. It wasn't too bad I spent $116.00 there.. It was nowhere as good as Camelot that I visited last year in SA.

On the Saturday we headed off to Sydney.. I totally fell in love with Sydney. The people in this town were so friendly and helpful. We went tot the Taronga zoo, it was unreal.. The girls got to feed and pat some of the animals. I also took a picture of my kids {there were 5 monkeys sitting around, just like my 5 kids Heeee}
Nifty and the girls climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge on the Monday, they all said it was totally awesome. Whilst they were on the bridge,the little girls and I went on a bus tour of the city. We had such a great day, we all met up for lunch and then we hopped on a ferry and went across to Manly. I bought an Aboriginal painting, I totally love their paintings.



Maree you have some fantastic I am waiting to see them scrapped. xx


Wow it looked like you had an amazing holiday away in the Blue Mountains and Sydney, I can't wait to see you scrap some layouts of your holiday photo's...
So get cracking.....

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