Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Design..

As it is nearly the end of 2010 I thought I would be good to update my Blog and give it a make over. I really love Babushka Dolls, I really got excited when I found this background over at shabby Now that I have tissyed up my Blog I really need to update it on a regular basis.
Yesterday I made a few more Babushka dolls and some small birds, they are really cute.
My girls have pinched some of my birds already. I will take some pictures and update them when I get back from the gym this afternoon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa's helper..

It has been so long since I have actually put something up on my blog. I have been so slack in this department. Well this morning I felt like one of Santa's helpers as I made a few toys. I made a couple of owls. I really like the way these have turned out.

I love babushka dolls and when I was buying material for my owls I found a babushka pattern, so I had to buy it. I made two of these, they were really easy to make. I know want to make a few different sizes like a real babushka doll.

There is only 1 more sleep till Santa. My kids are not really excited this year, so it doesn't really feel like Christmas.
I also did some baking today I made some little plum puddings, cherry ripe balls, peppermint balls, caramel balls, meringues, rum balls and white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. So Santa will get a nice plate of food tonight.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This what we may have looked like years a go.

When we were at dream World we missed the bus that took us back to our apartment, so we had 2 hours to kill. The rain started to fall so we had to find some shelter, we found it in an old fashioned camera house. We decided to have some family snaps taken. The girls wanted them done, but when they saw the costumes they stared to crack it..Especially Cassidy as she is so comfortable in a pair of shorts/trackies and a t shirt. She was not excited that she had to wear a skirt and bustier. Here is how the pictures came out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy snaps from Queensland

I have been so slack over the last two months. I was just looking at some of my friends Blogs and I remembered that I hadn't updated for so long, I have recently returned from a holiday in QLD. I went with hubby and the girls, it was amazing. The weather was great in the first week, but unfortunately during the second week there was rain about, but not enough to dampen our spirits.
We stayed at Broad beach, the apartment was so central, the restaurants were just a 3 minute walk. We ate out a few nights, which was nice as we don't do that when we are home. We went to all the theme parks the kids thought that Movie World was the best they loved the Superman ride. I wasn't able to go on the rides as my neck and shoulder are out at the moment, which annoyed me as I love scary rides.
All my children are dare devils, they went on all the rides. They weren't frightened by anything. My favourite park was Sea World, I loved the dolphin show and as a family we swam and snorkeled with friendly sharks, stingrays and with tropical fish.. It was an awesome experience.

This is the a picture of the shark, ray and fish pool that I swam in, I am so glad that the sharks were friendly..

I was mesmerised by this emu, he was eating the ochre of this mans arm.

This was 'Wipeout' at Dream World. The kids loved this ride so much.

The claw, was another ride that got a work out from my kids and hubby whilst we were at Dream World.

This was the first ride that they all went on at Movie World, they said that Batman was awesome but as the days progressed Batman was replaced by more scarier rides.
I know have a week left of my holidays so I am hoping that OI can get some scrapbooking done.. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow what a RAK

Wow check this out, whilst I was blog hopping today, I came across this big haul. It is definitely a haul, check out the size of the gift..Pop on over and sign up to go into the draw to win this amazing gift

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look at what I found

As I was blog hopping this morning I found this new swap
What a great way to meet you meet new friends and to create something for them.. I have decide to join this swap I can't wait to create and find new this.
My mind is going in to over drive just thinking of what I can create with the letters;
F - fat quarter, fabric, felted animal, felted needlebook, friends mini photo/scrap album
R - Ric Rac, Ribbon, Red fabric, Ring, Rose candles or hand cream, Rub-ons for scrappers
I - Inspiration (craft or quilt magazine), Inches(tape measure or quilting ruler), Interesting Item
E - Egg Cup,Envelopes (personsalised), Ear-rings
N - Notions, Needles, Needlecase, Notebook, Necklace,Noodle box
D - Dark Chocolate, die cut letters for scrappers, doll, diary,
S - Sewing thread, Sewing case, Scrapbooking paper, Something Special,
The mind just boggles..
I will find out on the in August, who I will get and what are their favourite colours and craft styles that they like..
Pop over and have a look, you may also be inspired to join the swap..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grumpy pants..

Today I think I wore my grumpy pants to work. i tried to load some pics onto my external hard drive the other night and it wouldn't let me do it. So today I took it to the IT guy at work and he told me that it had died.. I have only had the thing since December.I have now lost everything as all my pics are on it..I didn't think to save them any where else.. I am totally pissed off..The upside is that it is still under warranty.. I am pissed as I hadn't done any of our pics from our Holiday in Sydney, all we have are the memories and no pics.. I took so many.. That is my dummy spit for the day for the day. Oh well I hope you have all had a better day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Beginnings

Today I decided to change my blog.. What I though would take 30 minutes took me about 2 hours. Nothing would go right. So this is my new background, I hope you like it because I am not changing it for a while..
Here is a new blog that is starting in August and they are looking for a new design team click on the link and have a a look. This may be what you are looking to do...
Today my cousin Adam and his beautiful wife Tanya gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She weighed 7lb 7oz, they named her Olivia Faye..I can't wait to see the pictures of their little angel.........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love holidays

Gee I have loved my holidays, I have so enjoyed scrapping.. Who needs to go away when you can scrap.. Here are my latest pages..

Here is Immy as a baby, Kirsty {my sister}emailed these through to me the other day.. This is Immy in her going away clothes from hospital.. She looks real cute..

This is another picture from my cousin Sally's wedding.. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day.

Shaylee recently made her promise to become a Girl Guide.. She so loves being a guide. She has been on a few camps, she is not a sport person.. She has finally found her niche.

This Lo is my cousin Johnny with his beautiful wife Tanya and their gorgeous children Ellie and Jack.. They are so photogenic..I love the look of the new Webster papers

This my gorgeous niece Imogen, i love they way she is concentrating on something..She looks so deep in thought.

Well it is back to the grind stone for me on Monday, the holidays are slowly creeping away..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holidays Scrapbooking

Well I am so hopeless, i have tried to load up my LO into the new headings and I can't do it.. Gee I am hopeless when it comes to electronics..
Here are some of the LO's that I did for the July challenges over at Pop over and check out the other challenges, that are on offer to do.
For this challenge you had to use the word "TOGETHER" this is a picture of my friends daughter Anna and her husband Matt on their wedding day. I chose the blue colours as it was the colour that the bridesmaids wore. Anna looked gorgeous on her wedding day.

This LO was done for the colour challenge, the criterias are to use the colours brown and green and to incorporate a butterfly somewhere on the LO.. I did my LO on my son Jay and his gorgeous girlfriend Caitlyn. they were stealing a kiss when this photo was taken.

Here is my take on the sketch,I used my niece Immy as the subject.. she so loves getting her photo taken.

I have also done a challenge that was set over at, So far I have done the colour challenge.. The colours that you had to use were; white, blue, black and green.

This is a picture of my sister Brooke and my cousin Kylie.
My last LO is from the challenge set over at kraft it up, the criteria is to use kraft paper as the base and you also have to use a minimum of 5 photos.. I have again used Immy as my subject.. Trying to take a photo of her is a challenge in itself, she loves to pull faces.


where have the holidays gone? A week has flown by so quick, this time next week I will be back at work. So what have I achieved these holidays, besides housework.
*catching up with Ngaire and her mum and having Chinese for lunch and then off to the art Gallery.
*Gone to see Shrek 4 and the Scouts/Girl Guides Gang show in Melbourne
*Had kids over for sleep overs
Oh and of course I have done a little bit of scrap booking, I will post my pics under the scrapbooking banner..
Well I better go as I have to get the roast ready for tea tonight and I may even make golden syrup dumplings for dessert

Friday, June 18, 2010

Things you can do when you have some time!

This week I had a few days off as I had some surgery, I am all good. Because I had some time on my hands, I did some scrapbooking..I caught up on some of the photos that have been piling up.

This LO is from Boxing Day, we have a trivia day with my fathers brothers/sisters and their siblings. The theme of the day was reality TV. Here is John he is doing the Master chef invention test, he is eating red hot chilli peppers...

Here is a LO on my gorgeous niece Imogen, she is at the skate park with her brothers, she tries to keep up with them all the time.. My sister wanted a little girl, so that she could do her hair and be a little lady.. That's not Immy, she is a little Tom boy.. I so loved these photos, I knew I had to do a LO on these snaps.

Here is my beautiful cousin Sally with her gorgeous daughter Audrey on her wedding day.. I loved Sally's hairpiece it was amazing. My cousin Danielle made Sally's amazing jewelery. I love the Webster paper and of course I had to add some Prima flowers. i hope sally likes this page?

This LO is of my brother in law Denis and his son Callum. They are at the beach in Ocean Grove. I love the yellow crotched lace that I bought on Etsy. I have also used some of my new favourite tool "Glimmer mist" I even got out some eyelets, I have not used these for ages..

This Lo is of my cousins that went to Sally and John's wedding. I thought we all scrubbed up pretty well! black must have been the theme for the day, Kylie must of never got the email to say we were all wearing black lol.. She did look gorgeous in her blue dress though.

Here is Talia at the school swimming sports.. She went as a super hero.. She looked gorgeous. Her team won the sports and oh yeah my team came last as always.
Well this is what I have accomplished in a few short days. I am pleased with the LO but you should see the mess I have. I really need to go and clean it up, so I can possibly make another one this weekend

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing catch up!

Well this week I have been home sick with tonsillitis and a viral infection, so the DR has given me a week off work. Until Wed/Thursday I had been to sick to scrap.
I just couldn't be bothered to scrap, so to me this means I am SICK.. I am now feeling a lot better, so I have played catch up by getting some of my scraping things that have been on the back burner,done.
I am involved in a round robin swap over at the title of this swap is friendship quotes. Everybody that is in this round robin has to have a signature friendship quote. I decided that my book would have all different shaped pages, I have included in my kit 2 chip board shaped pages, 2 plastic pages and an envelope page. I have finished all this album except the back cover as I only had one chipboard house page piece, but I have ordered one and I will attach it when it comes home.
This is what it looks like so far;

This is the front cover.

Here is my sign in page.

This is page one.

This is page 2.

I have also completed Noriel's pages. Her criteria was to use black, white silver and to add one color, I added red to the mix, this is what I did for her book.

So this is my signature quote

And this is another friendship quote that I have used, I hope Noriel likes what I have done. I now have to pass these on to Judi. So off to the post office I go. Hopefully I will get some more scrapping done this weekend.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wow check this Blog out, I was doing some surfing today, whilst I am lying in bed full up with the flu. Sherry has done some amazing LO's and OTP creations.. For just signing up to her blog you can win some amazing products from Twiddlybits.. And we all love their products, so pop over and have a look at her work.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amazing new site..

Wow, my girl friend Maria gave me this site to have a look at.. The stock that Maxine has is totally amazing.. It is definitely worth a look
I have ordered a few little treasurers

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a little bit of my mojo back..

Where has my mojo gone??? Recently I have not been able to scrap, I get all my papers out and some pictures and just stare at them.. So tonight I set myself a challenge I had to finish a LO or I had to give my friend Maria some of my new Prima flowers.. I completed a LO and a card so I am sorry Maria, I won't be sending you my Prima. I made the page for a challenge at Challenge Heaven. The criteria was to produce a LO that shared the colours orange, grey , black and it had to have ribbon on it.
Here is what I got done.

This is a Lo that I did on my nephew Callum
Here is a card that I made for a challenge at Challenge Heaven as well. I had to make the card from a sketch.. You can click on the blog from a badge on my side bar.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Year 9 Camp

Last week I was lucky enough to go on year 9 camp. The theme of this camp is to Challenge yourselves. The activities on this camp were; mountain bike riding, archery, raft building, initiatives, the high ropes and the giant swing.
And yes I challenge myself I joined the kids by completing nearly all of the challenges, the only challenge that I didn't do was raft building.. I don't do dams, I like to be able to feel concrete under my feet when I am swimming.. And i also knew that it was going to be bloody freezing, the kids came out red as the water was that cold.

This is me doing Archery, I didn't hit a bullseye but, I was lucky enough to actually hit the board. I also hit balloons that were on the board.. The best thing was I didn't embarrass myself...

This is me climbing up to get on the high ropes that are 11 meters off the ground.. the instructor said to the kids, "Lets see if Gordo can do this", so I was first to go up. The kids were amazed that I would do it.

Here I am on the platform, waiting to walk out on the rope..The kids were amazed that I actually did it. I told them" I ain't no woos.

Here I am on the wire, it is an amazing feeling stepping out and walking on the wire. You are trying to walk and hang on to the top wire, whilst everything is shaking. This was so exhilarating.

In this picture I have just come down from the the giant swing. The swing is 21 meters off the ground. The kids have to pull you up to the top, I think I got whip lash going to the top as the kids ran so fast. The worst part of this activity is when you are up at the top you count to three and then you have to pull the rope. Once the rope is released you are off, flying through the air. This activity gives you a real adrenalin rush.
So I also challenged myself on this camp and I kept up with the year 9 students, I can't wait to do it all again next year..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heidi Swapp

Well the day finally arrived, when I met Heidi Swapp and did a class with her.. Gee she is an amazing person..I love all the tree workshops. i will post a pic of the albums when I finish them.

Here the gorgeous person herself and my girlfriend Ngaire..
Here is a LO that I did of my sisters wedding, it is for a challenge where the criteria is to only use white and cream.. i so love this page,it is apity the pic is not so good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Shabby Monday..

Well today in my house the scrapping style has been shabby chic..My friend Maria has this amazing site called I am learning to adapt to some shabby chic LO's.. I so love all the shabby paper that is on the market at the moment..Prima has the most amazing things from their papers to their flowers... I just need them..
Here is a circle journal that I did for Maria. Her subject was Marie Antoinette, her circle journal is so amazing. Maria has done such a beautiful job on this journal and the girls that have designed some pages have also done a fantastic job. Here is what I did with my pages.
This is my front page, I dedicated my pages to the fashion of the era.

This is my middle page I so love how the dresses of this era featured all the lace and how they were done up by tiny buttons or by being laced into them

On the last page is a page that I dedicated to Caroline Chilsolm.. You had to do a page on somebody that you would like to meet in history.
This next picture is a for a matchbox swap..Oops it's not a matchbox, it's a tobacco tin, so I suppose it is close. You had to have a king or queen on the box & then fill it up with some yummy things from your stash..This is a good way to clear some of your stash to make room for all the new things you buy..

Ann one of the kind ladies did a step by step tutorial to show you how to do a shabby LO. I did this yesterday and as it was ANZAC day I decide to do a page with my Pop in his uniform. Here he is with his family. My father is sitting on his knee this was the first time that he had seen my father. He was born whilst he was over in Egypt

This picture is for the April challenge. Maria put up two gorgeous photos and you had to get inspiration from the pictures to create your LO.. This is a picture of my Mother {sitting on the leather chair} and her sister Anne.. They look so cute..

Well this has been my Shabby Monday!!