Sunday, February 14, 2010

More pictures from my A/Z Album...

Here are the rest of the pages for my A/Z album.. I only have 5 pages to go and then I have to do the front and back cover for it.. I just have to find some more embarrassing photos.

This photo was taken last year on Boxing day with his uncle Winston..

Why is it when the younger generation get their photo taken they have to poke out their tongue?

Sisters.. Jay loves his sisters, i asked the girls to choose which picture they wanted as this was their favourite.. i still have the same one in my wallet.. I really need to update it!

This is Jay with his friends at his school's {Regional College}year 12 dinner..
This is my absolute favourite picture, Jay was 7 months of age and my cousin Angela had to take pictures of a baby for a mock baby food advertisement for one of her courses at Uni.. I love the way he is wrinkling his nose..

I told jay that I was going to put this in his album and he was not happy.. if you look close enough you can see that he has wet his pants....

This is a picture of Jay with Georgie in the bush at Bealiba.. This is one of my favourite photos



Wow Maree these pages are


Maree this album will be a beautiful work of art. I love every page :)


Girlfriend all your layouts look amazing I especially love the sister's one with the vine and the bird, and the one with the big safety pin thru the flower...
Got my thinking cap on and will message you with some challenges for the rest..... Be prepared to get arty for one of them....
Have a great day at school just sent Daunte away on his first camp today....

scrappin' girl

Maree, your pages are fantastic!!!!! your album is ALMOST finished!!!


maree this album is a treasure! i love all the memories you've put in, every page looks gorgeous!!!

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