Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Circle Journals.....

Over at Artistic Document Kym has organised a Circle Journal, there are 9 of us in the CJ. Kym has done it a bit differently than other CJ's that I have been involved in. Instead of sending the whole album to one person and then it moves on we all had to send out our tags and pages to each person and then send it back to them when it's finished. This way you will be getting back pages one at a time and then the possibility of the book wont get lost, we have until June to have all these completed. I have completed 4 of the 9 CJ's, I still have another 5 to do and one of these is mine. I still haven't done my CJ cover or page yet. My Circle Journal is about "What you collect". I collect Babushka Dolls, so that's what my page is going to be on. Here are some of the pages that i have done already.
Sharon's CJ was based on a favorite song and what memory it held for you and you could use what ever colour scheme that you liked. I chose my wedding song "We've only just Belong by The Carpenters" I really like the way that this page came together and I liked the neutral colours that I used, it really complemented my wedding photo.

Lara's CJ was a recipe book. Lara has just update her kitchen in the colours red, black and white so the CJ had to be in the same colour scheme, Lara also supplied a tag that had to be decorated in the same colours as the CJ. The recipes that I chose were a lemon tart and chocolate Florentines.

Judi's CJ was to do a double LO on your favorite thing and the colours were to be neutral and the pages had to be shabby chic, she also supplied a tag to decorate. I did my LO's on my husbands grandparents 8 day clock that they were given on their wedding day and the other page is a tea set that I bought at a garage sale. My Nan had a tea set like this and when I was a little girl I always admired it.

Sim's CJ was to do a page on something that your mother never told you and the criteria was to use the tag provide and a piece of pp[the orange and teal paper]and to also decorate a tag and the envelope to put the tag inside, I used this on the page under some pp and I also used the pp on the LO and on the tag. I really enjoyed doing this page. My page was about how my mother never told me how it hurts when you break your heart.

Jody's CJ was about positive affirmations and she also asked that the colours be natural and not bold colours. She also provide a tag for me to decorate in the same colours used for the pages As I love Nelson Mandala, I had to find one of his quotes, I found the other quote on Google and as I had just bought some chipboard fences, I just had to use this quote.

Stay tuned as I hope to complete the rest of the CJ's shortly. I really need to start my book.



Love the pages you are doing here Maree the girls are going to love them xx


The pages and tags all look fantastic!

scrappin' girl

Maree, the CJ pages you have done are GORGEOUS!!!! THE GIRLS WILL LUV THEM!!!!!

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