Saturday, October 6, 2012

DOD #5

We are up to week #5 over at We had to draw inspiration from this movie jacket,
And the criteria was:
Your layout must have a Christmas symbol clearly visible. You must include a 'stacked' element to symbolize the highrise office building. Your layout must feature the word 'hard' somewhere on your layout.
I was a bit worried about my number coming up this week, as i have died twice but lucky for me each time a person didn't upload so i was saved. For my first page I drew inspiration
From the Die Hard cover I used the colours red, black, white & Gold [for the twinkling lights]. I also added red alphas for one word like the cover Stacked elements=3 stacked banners Christmas symbols=stars, painted gold and attached with red wire Title= It’s really hard to make every shot perfect. You need to inject some fun, into a photo shoot.
For the next page
From the Die Hard cover I used the yellow, orange and white. Stacked elements= sticker, doilie & button, then I also added cotton & a pin Christmas Symbol= I used bows, but if this doesn’t cut it I added a reindeer. Title= Madeline getting ready for her Debutant ball. It’s not hard to look gorgeous, when your mother’s a makeup artist.
I really enjoyed creating both of these pages, so hopefully I will live to see another week. I will find out tomorrow


Brenda Faircloth

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