Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a New Year..

Over at Artistic Document Marie has challenged us to write down a list of things that we would like to accomplish in the year 2010.. I sat down and had a think about this, and this is the list that I have come up with.. I hope that I can achieve this list and too be proud of what I have achieved throughout this year.. So here is the list

In the year 2010 I want to achieve this list, and to be honest in ticking it off.

Manage my time more efficiently.
Be more patient with my children.
Give each of my children some individual time.
Spend more quality time with my husband.
Have more family outings.

This will possibly be the hardest thing for me; I really need to use the things in my stash and not to keep buying new stuff.
To complete 150+ Layouts for the year.
To complete many of the OTP items that are in my stash, before purchasing new ones.
To complete all the Challenges @ Artistic Document
As I have subscribed to WOIN monthly vintage kit, I need to use it and to upload into their gallery.
My blog is neglected, and as I am going to be scrapping more often, I will need to update it on a regular basis.
To learn new scrapbooking styles

This is the year that I need to become more in tune with
my body, to be accountable of what I do too it! Especially in exercise and the food that goes into my body.
I must make the time to be more active, more consistent in the exercise regime that I choose to undertake.
Save some cash, so that by the end of the year and I will have the pergola, to unwind in with my family.
Take time out to smell the roses and not to be rushing around all the time.

If I wander away from this list can you please put me back on track..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Matchbox for Marie

Last night at Artistic Document they had their December CC, one of the challenges was to create a matchbox that could hang on a Christmas Tree and then it is to be given to another member.. My matchbox is for Marie, I know that her tree is made up of traditional colours, so I hope she likes what I have created for her.. I now just have to fill it with a few goodies..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hubby and I took the girls to the Blue Mountains with our good friends "The Prices"..
We stayed in the mountains for five glorious days.. The weather was totally amazing as was the scenery.On the first day we all went for a walk as a group, but it was decided that the girls could take the kids for the rest of the the walk as there was many stairs. The walk was only meant to take 45 minutes. We did the walk and then we kept going.. By god there was soooooo many stairs, when we got to the top there was no sign posts as to where we were meant to go so we headed out and down the road and up and down gigantic hills..We walked for ages, when we came along some locals, they pointed us in to the right direction. They said that a lot of walkers got lost. We walked for another hour and we were still getting nowhere. So we asked another local how to get to where we needed to be. We were off again, by this time the kids were whinging as they where hot, tired and hungry. After another 30 minutes we found our holiday house.. The men thought it was a great joke. We spent our time doing lots of bush walks.. The kids had so much fun at the scenic park.. They had so much fun on the vertical train. they road it 22 times.. The attendants told to sit backwards, even us parents were coaxed into giving it a go.. Gee it hurt your neck.
The kids had a great time..I couldn't find any scrapbooking shops in the local area, so my hubby drove me into Penrith and we spent a little time and cash at shop called "scrapbook superstore'.. It wasn't too bad I spent $116.00 there.. It was nowhere as good as Camelot that I visited last year in SA.

On the Saturday we headed off to Sydney.. I totally fell in love with Sydney. The people in this town were so friendly and helpful. We went tot the Taronga zoo, it was unreal.. The girls got to feed and pat some of the animals. I also took a picture of my kids {there were 5 monkeys sitting around, just like my 5 kids Heeee}
Nifty and the girls climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge on the Monday, they all said it was totally awesome. Whilst they were on the bridge,the little girls and I went on a bus tour of the city. We had such a great day, we all met up for lunch and then we hopped on a ferry and went across to Manly. I bought an Aboriginal painting, I totally love their paintings.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

grandfinal win

What a year it has been for a 12 year old playing netball. My daughter Jacana played in her teams grand final on Saturday at Learmonth and they won 15-10. They played Skipton, they are a real nice bunch of girls. The team Jacana plays in {Natte Bealiba}were undefeated, which is a great result for these girls. these girls have been playing together for 4 years. It was not so long a go that they couldn't even shot a goal. I t took them 2 years to win a game. here are some pics from the day and the celebrations that night. Now I just have to scrap them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Family Pic

Here is our new family picture as you see everyone is smiling.

My Stick Family from

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Matchbox Swap

This a matchbox that I have made for Judy,for a swap over at Artistic Document. The criteria for this swap was to decorate a match box and put a leading lady on it.. I love Audrey Hepburn so I chose her to decorate my matchbox. I hope Judy likes what I have created for her. Inside it is full of little goodies that I have gotten from my over flowing stash..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A productive day today

Today I have played catch up with my scrapbooking. I have finally caught up on my A-Z album. I completed C-E.I also finished my twinchies for a swap at Artistic Document, these are a lot of fun. A couple of months a go we had to make 100 inchies in a particular colour I did 100 red ones and I also did 50 green ones. Now I have to clean up all the mess, and I have a big mess. I am not the cleanest scrapper!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Circle Journals

I currently have in my possession two CJ's. the first one I have is from Hybrid Design and the owner is Terri, her topic was on "Music". I did my page on Pink and I also had to design a jacket for my CD of music.

The other CJ is also from Hybrid Design, this book belongs to Irene, the theme was "Favourite Vacation or Relaxation Destination". I had my page already to do on our holiday to Adelaide & then it just wouldn't come together so back to the computer I went to trawl through some more holiday snaps. I accidently hit the farm folder, as I was looking through it suddenly came to me to do a picture of the Canola, it is so beautiful when it is in flower and relaxing, it mesmerizes me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

latest album

I have just finished an album about the family going out to cut wood. What was meant to be an easy task turned out to be quiet painful.

The girls had their play Aladdin Jnr on Friday and Saturday night, here are a few picks, an album/pages will be done shortly.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Has anybody seen my MOJO....

I have recently lost my MOJO, so if anybody finds it please return it to me.. I have also been really busy with the kids, as they are in a local theater production. This weekend. they are doing the show Aladdin Jnr. I am so proud of what the kids have achieved, I will be one of those proud mums sitting up in the front row taking lots of snaps to scrap. All the costumes are so bright a cheery, except for a few of the kids that are towns people. My eldest daughter is one of these people and at 13 years of age she doesn't want to be a potato sack.
Back to the MOjo, I have seem to have lost it, in saying that I did sit up until 2am on Friday and Saturday night scrapping. I am really rapt in what I have done, I would love to share it but I can't as this project is for a challenge over at Artistic Document. the challenge is to try and stump the DT with a challenge, I thought Terri had stumped all the girls last week with her challenge but no the girls did an amazing job. I will post my work next week as there are to many prying girls, I don't want to give them a sneak peek...
I have to go as i am making white choc, macadamia and apricot bickies and they are ready to come out of the oven.
There you go Maria I have finally updated..LOL
Until next time....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holiday Scrapbooking

I only have until Sunday and then back to work I go back to work on Monday. Whilst I have been on holidays, I have had 3 scrappin' days with friends. We have had some fun, I think there was more yap than scrap. It was interesting,Jill my friend held a Stampin Up workshop for Ngaire, Maxine, Jacinda and myself although we all did the same LO and card the whole 4 where completely different. Jill and I scrapped on Tuesday and I made a hand bag album, I still need to put some finishing touches to it and I also made my ATC for a swap over at Artistic Document .The theme for the cards is LOVE. Here is the card that I made.
Also over at Artistic Document, we have had a matchbox swap, you had to decorate a matchbox,and then fill it up with goodies. This was a lot of fun to do, Toni received mine, here is the picture

I also finished a page for for Ann's July challenge, the requirements were red,black and white the LO must have flowers, a bird, buttons, handwriting and the LO must be about something you love.. I did my LO on Boxing Day when all the Boyd's {my father's family} get together.

I hope I can remember to update this on a regular basis.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recent Work

Here are some recent Layouts that I have done for challenges at Hybrid Designs, I have recently made an OTP album the album is a Babushka Doll.. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted one of these.. One day I shall buy one myself.. I need to take some pictures of this album and then i'll post it on my blog.
Last week was weigh in for the Greatest Loser Challenge. I only lost 200 grams but I lost 10cm.. I was rapt with this.. At the start of the challenge it was all about loosing weight, now I am more interested in getting fit. I am so rapt because now I can run, that was something that I always struggled with. Tomorrow after school I am going to a boxercise class.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boot Camp

Yesterday,the rain was very heavy in the morning..That didn't stop me from going to Boot camp. there was 26 other silly women and 1 male. We all put in 110%. Whilst I was running in the rain the girls were sitting in the car laughing at us slipping and sliding around in the mud. The things we do to try and get fit and lose weight. Photos were taken on this day so as soon as they are emailed to me I will post them,just to show you how much I looked like a drowned RAT.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest LO for Hybrid Designs

This LO is for challenge #5 for the Hybrid Design "Survivor Challenge",we had to create a LO about family using only cardstock as our suppliies go wet..We had to go back to basic scrapbooking, we were able to use brads, paint, cotton etc.. This LO I called "Family Circle". This picture is of my cousins wedding {Janelle} to her hubby{Corbin} and their gorgeous son Jiah.. janelle sent me lots of pics of Jiah, so you will see alot of him over the next few weeks, in my pages..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Day at the Races

Yesterday I went to the races in Echuca for my friends {Anna's} Hen's party.. The day was beautiful, all the girls frocked up and looked gorgeous, some even took the next step and wore facinators in their hair.
We placed some bets, we put in $5.00 each to give a total of $120. to play with, we came home with $60.00 to put on the bar so we thought that was ok!
Cindy had packed the most beautiful food for the day, I was real strong seen I am doing the "Greatest Loser Challenge". I took my own food and I only drank water, I was impressed with myself.
Went out for tea when we got back, I had grilled Barramundi and vege, I asked for no potato and definitely no chips.
I have a weigh into today, so shortly I am going to go and do a last minute workout..
wish me luck on the weigh in...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Circle journal

This is my Circle Journal that I'm doing at Hybrid Designs, this is all about what you wanted to become when you grow up!.. have you changed direction? Most of us had a dream job, I am interested if that dream became a reality.