Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a New Year..

Over at Artistic Document Marie has challenged us to write down a list of things that we would like to accomplish in the year 2010.. I sat down and had a think about this, and this is the list that I have come up with.. I hope that I can achieve this list and too be proud of what I have achieved throughout this year.. So here is the list

In the year 2010 I want to achieve this list, and to be honest in ticking it off.

Manage my time more efficiently.
Be more patient with my children.
Give each of my children some individual time.
Spend more quality time with my husband.
Have more family outings.

This will possibly be the hardest thing for me; I really need to use the things in my stash and not to keep buying new stuff.
To complete 150+ Layouts for the year.
To complete many of the OTP items that are in my stash, before purchasing new ones.
To complete all the Challenges @ Artistic Document
As I have subscribed to WOIN monthly vintage kit, I need to use it and to upload into their gallery.
My blog is neglected, and as I am going to be scrapping more often, I will need to update it on a regular basis.
To learn new scrapbooking styles

This is the year that I need to become more in tune with
my body, to be accountable of what I do too it! Especially in exercise and the food that goes into my body.
I must make the time to be more active, more consistent in the exercise regime that I choose to undertake.
Save some cash, so that by the end of the year and I will have the pergola, to unwind in with my family.
Take time out to smell the roses and not to be rushing around all the time.

If I wander away from this list can you please put me back on track..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Matchbox for Marie

Last night at Artistic Document they had their December CC, one of the challenges was to create a matchbox that could hang on a Christmas Tree and then it is to be given to another member.. My matchbox is for Marie, I know that her tree is made up of traditional colours, so I hope she likes what I have created for her.. I now just have to fill it with a few goodies..