Sunday, February 28, 2010

The start of something BIG

I have just been looking at my girlfriend Maria's blog
and I noticed that she has started a new forum.. Here is the link
this new site is worth a look..Maria is a beautiful scrapper, she does a lot of shabby chic. Maria is always think outside the box.. So make yourself a cuppa and sit down and pop over to her new site and say hello.. You will be welcomed with open arms..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here are the other LO's as promised..

Here are the other four LO's as promised. I have enjoyed scrapping these LO's but now I have to go and clean up the mess. And when I say mess, i mean MESS it looks like my stash has exploded. better go and clean up and do my ironing.

Everything is ok I have found my mojo?

I have been searching for my mojo for quiet awhile. Well I have finally found it.. With Jay's 21st album already and finished I thought I better put some more pages in his reqular album. So this weekend I have knocked out 9 LO's here are 5 of them.. I will add the other 4 in minute.. I hope you like them

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It has happened, I am finished ..

Well I have finished Jay's 21st album.. I just need to buy some real big rings for the album and then I will be able to put it to bed.. so to speak
This has been a long drawn out saga. Now I can get back to some scrapping, they I want to do.. I have sooooo many challenges that I would like to do and I owe 2 of my good friends a match box.. I haven't forgotten my 2 lovelies..

This is a picture of Jay, with his mate Tyson, they are looking pretty cosie..

This picture is of Jay after his first Christmas work breakup. As he was the apprentice they really stitched him up. He was home at 8.00 and he decided that he would sleep outside with my mum's dog Bonnie..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School sports......

Well today it was school sports at Highview as I am in Chisolm I had to wear had green clothes.. So what did I do last night to make a costume? Of course I looked in my scrapbooking crap and found some green flowers, I sewed them on to my clothes and put on a green wig and I was set for the day. As Talia and Jacana are in blue, I had to find some clothes for them as well.. So this is what we came up with...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well another one letter bites the dust...

I have knocked over another page,I have skipped X as I am looking for a good Xmas picture.. I have always loved this picture of Jay and I, it was taken at my sisters wedding sooooooooooo many years a go.I wish I still had the same body!!!!!But then again, I suppose curves are in, aren't I couldn't find a real good Y word so it is just "YOU"..

This picture was taken at Melinda & Lynton's wedding so many years a go.

Two more pages done...

Here are another 2 layouts for Jay's 21st album. My friend Maria,set me a challenge the criteria was;one chipboard embelly use masking tape, glimmermist and a stamped image on it, 3 colour combo, 2 types of distressing on it. I have met all the criteria.

This is Jay dressed up for a school,they had to come as an Aussie

Here is a picture of Kay and Veitchie dressed as VB cans at a school social

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More pictures from my A/Z Album...

Here are the rest of the pages for my A/Z album.. I only have 5 pages to go and then I have to do the front and back cover for it.. I just have to find some more embarrassing photos.

This photo was taken last year on Boxing day with his uncle Winston..

Why is it when the younger generation get their photo taken they have to poke out their tongue?

Sisters.. Jay loves his sisters, i asked the girls to choose which picture they wanted as this was their favourite.. i still have the same one in my wallet.. I really need to update it!

This is Jay with his friends at his school's {Regional College}year 12 dinner..
This is my absolute favourite picture, Jay was 7 months of age and my cousin Angela had to take pictures of a baby for a mock baby food advertisement for one of her courses at Uni.. I love the way he is wrinkling his nose..

I told jay that I was going to put this in his album and he was not happy.. if you look close enough you can see that he has wet his pants....

This is a picture of Jay with Georgie in the bush at Bealiba.. This is one of my favourite photos

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here are my layouts for M and N

Here are 2 of my pictures, I was only lucky enough to get these 2 uploaded as my batteries just went flat gggrrrrrrrrrrr.. So I will upload the rest later on.

This is Jay dressed as "A Martain". This was for a green dressup day at Bealiba Primary school.. He looked so cute.. It is amazing what you can do with a garbage bag.

This is a picture of Jay with Nan Wilson at his cousin Zak's 21st.. he sooo loves his nan..

Jay's 21st Album....

Well I think i have found my Mojo that has been missing for awhile.. I did 7 pages for Jays A/Z album...I am happy at how this is turning out, i still have to do the front cover. I am going to take some pics so that I can share them with you..