Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To shabby or not to shabby here is the question I need answered?

I have two amazing girlfriends Maria and Ann they are both amazing Shabby Chic Girls.. I love too admire their work. They both have a blog were you to can see the amazing things they do. Ann's blog is & Maria's blog is Maria also has her own forum which is pop over and have a look,this month Maria is running her first challenge. She has the most amazing gift for the best LO, so do your self a favour and pop over and have a look. The girls are so friendly and very helpful.
So now I come to the question that I need anwered honestly.. I so admire the girls Shabby Chic work, but when I try to do it, it sort of comes out Shabby Shit, So I have been practising & this is what I have made.. This is my version of a Shabby Chic take out box..Please tell me how it looks and don't forget honesty,if you don't like it please say I want critical feed back..So here is it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've had a scrappy Sunday....

There must be something in the water, or I have hit my head.. Why am I saying this, well for two weekends I have actually done some scrapbooking.. I am knocking down the stack of photos that I have wanted to scrap for ages & I am also getting rid of some of my stash. Even though I am using things from my stash I still tend to buy more.. I think/ I know I have an addiction to scrappy things. I have actually entered a few different scrapbooking challenges, have done this to see if I can get some of my mojo back.. I think it is working.

This is my entry in to week 4 on the MMT challenge (DISNEY) over at Artistic Document. The criteria this week was to have a cartoon, doodling (not something I do alot of),cutwork, layers & bright colours.

This LO is a sketch from Mad about Scrappin. I enjoyed doing this LO.. I have had the background paper in my stash for awhile, I got it in a kit from WION.
The next four LO's are from challenges that I did over at Challenge Heaven

This LO was a word challenge you had to either use the word Mummy or Daddy & you had to include 4 pp and a blue title. I love this LO, the photo is of my cousin & her little boy Jiah and he really is saying "mummy I love you this much".

In this challenge you had to use pink, black, cream, buttons & brads. This is my beautiful God daughter Becky.. I love her dearly, I was there the day she was born I saw her take her first breath.

This was the number challenge you had to included 2 staples, 1 photo and a 3 word litle on your LO. This is of my sister Brooke and my nephew Baxter.. this photo was taken on Boxing day. they are very close and they are both very cheeky as you can tell by their grins.

Last but not least this LO was for the colour challenge, your were required to use blue, green, orange and ribbon.. I love this Lo of my sister in her sari with her sister in law Roshie and Roshies cousins..As it is school holidays I think I may even scrap some more in the morning..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another productive day...

I snuck a couple more LO's in.. I have had fun this weekend. And guess what Maria I have started your CJ. I had been to frightened to do it.. I have been practising shabby Chic, because I was very ordinary mine looked more like shabby Shit.. I have also started on your love container, just waiting for things to dry..

This LO is my cousin Janelle and her little boy Jiah on his forth birthday, he had a pirate party.. They are both such photogenic people.

This is a LO for a rock and roll challenge perhaps it is now an OTP item. This is my friend Kirra,she looks so cool. I am so proud of this LO. I had so much fun using a record. I think I will do some more of these for myself. Now I better go and clean up my mess, because there is a big one.

Look what I won!

Over at, I won a prize for naming Kathie's new die cutting machine.. I named it Kutrina, here is what I recieved in the post yesterday.. Thanks Kathie I so loved everything in my parcel.

I' ve been Busy !!!!!!!

I have been busy this weekend, over at Artitic Document they had their CC on last night so between last night and today I completed 5 of the 6 challenges. I only have to decorate a bra and I am finished. The CC was based around "Autum/Easter"..
Here is what I have done so far.

Here is my OTP, you had to make a book mark from an Easter picture and design it from that picture.

Terri had us making a card that had to be destressed, with flowers and in Autumn tonings.

You had to create a container to hold Easter eggs in, this is my take on the challenge.. I have had this tin sitting in my stash for years so I am glad to have finally found a use for it. I don't think I will let the kids put their eggs in it though.. I am sure I can find a use for it on my scrapbooking desk.

Here is my take on the next challenge you had to use Autumn tonings, buttons and leaves.. I did a picture of my kids up a tree.. I was glad to use up some scraps for this LO. I saw this technique in Scrapbboking Memories so I decided to give it a go.. I am pleased with the finished product.
The last criteria was to create an Easter LO using Autumn tonings, this LO is of my best friend Nette we meet up each Easter to have lunch at a local carnival..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two new lay outs...

Over at Artistic Document they are holding a "Musical bus ride challenge"each week you are challenged to do a musical challenge here are the 2 LO's I have done so far..
Week Two the criteria was "CLASSICAL"you had to included the following;black & white or cream and minimal touch of other colours, music sheet, pearls, rubons, and either a flourish/chandelier or some damask.. I choose a red chandelier..
I did a LO on my friend Ngaire and I at our Christmas breakup from 09'

Here is my week 1 LO the criteria was "SALSA"you had to have a bright funky LO that included ruffles,bling,paint..
I chose to do my LO on my Godson Zane, he is such a cool dude.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I survived my first 21st, now only 4 to go....

Well it has finally been and gone.. The party is all over, it was a great night..It poured with rain, thank god it was inside..I said my speech without tears, gee I hate public speaking.Jays mates did such a great job with the speeches, some embarrassing stories came out but i expected that..Here are some picks of the night

The cake, this was soooo yummy..It was a white chocolate mud cake..

This is a picture of my family

Here is my family, all frocked up for the night

Mother and son, where have all the years gone? it only seems like yesterday that he was a baby in my arms..I couldn't lift him now...

Here is Jay's photo board, I have some baby clothes, kinder paintings, school work, his 1st pair of shoes and many photos of him

Friday, March 5, 2010

The day has arrived, Jay's 21st Birthday party..

Well the day has finally arrived, it is Jay's birthday party tonight.. I have tossed and turned most of the night hoping that I haven't forgot anything.. I need to write a speech, gee I hate public speaking, my tummy is churning just thinking about it..
It will be short and sweet. Jay's two mates have been told No smut, it's not the time or the place and there are some things that a mother just doesn't need to know.
Well I better go and make a jelly slice for tonight. I will be back on Monday to give a full report and post some pics of the happening event..I thing I will need a days rest!