Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Shabby Monday..

Well today in my house the scrapping style has been shabby chic..My friend Maria has this amazing site called I am learning to adapt to some shabby chic LO's.. I so love all the shabby paper that is on the market at the moment..Prima has the most amazing things from their papers to their flowers... I just need them..
Here is a circle journal that I did for Maria. Her subject was Marie Antoinette, her circle journal is so amazing. Maria has done such a beautiful job on this journal and the girls that have designed some pages have also done a fantastic job. Here is what I did with my pages.
This is my front page, I dedicated my pages to the fashion of the era.

This is my middle page I so love how the dresses of this era featured all the lace and how they were done up by tiny buttons or by being laced into them

On the last page is a page that I dedicated to Caroline Chilsolm.. You had to do a page on somebody that you would like to meet in history.
This next picture is a for a matchbox swap..Oops it's not a matchbox, it's a tobacco tin, so I suppose it is close. You had to have a king or queen on the box & then fill it up with some yummy things from your stash..This is a good way to clear some of your stash to make room for all the new things you buy..

Ann one of the kind ladies did a step by step tutorial to show you how to do a shabby LO. I did this yesterday and as it was ANZAC day I decide to do a page with my Pop in his uniform. Here he is with his family. My father is sitting on his knee this was the first time that he had seen my father. He was born whilst he was over in Egypt

This picture is for the April challenge. Maria put up two gorgeous photos and you had to get inspiration from the pictures to create your LO.. This is a picture of my Mother {sitting on the leather chair} and her sister Anne.. They look so cute..

Well this has been my Shabby Monday!!

It's Shabby Monday..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lest we forget

Don't forget to take some time out of your day, to remember the fallen soldiers that died to make our country what it is today. My Pop went to war in Egypt, he never spoke about his time at war.. I wish he did I would love to be able to pass on his story..I have been lucky enough to be given all of his picture and his papers from the time that he served in the war.
I am off this morning to watch my daughter Shaylee march in the ANZAC march, she is marching with her Girl guides unit..I am so proud of her.. I will post some pictures later

Off the Page

Recently I have been doing some off the page items for some swaps..I really love to do OTP items. Iwas involved in a swap were you had to create something out of a large matchbox.. I was lucky enough to get my friend Ngaire, so the theme I chose was FRIENDSHIP.. I really enjoyed creating this for her.. I hope she likes it?? I am going to give it to on Thursday, as we are going to go and see Heidi Swapp on Friday.

My next OTP was meant to be a matchbox as well, but I had been given some tabacco tins, so I decided to use them instead.. I hope the girls are okay with this.. The theme is kings and queens..
The next OTP is a pair of Dorothy shoes from The Wizard of OZ.. I never made these shoes, they were a gift from my friend Toni Laws.. They are amazing... Thanks toni, for my awesome gift..

And she filled them as well, with all these goodies.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relay for Life...

On Friday night I participated in the first Relay for Life in Maryborough, this event started at 6.00pm and went through till 11.00am on Saturday.. The school that I work at had a team in.. What a night it was.. The weather was not kind to us, as it rained all night, but thankful it was only light showers. My whole family joined the team, I was so proud to have my family by my side as we walked for friends and family that have been struck down by this dreaded disease.
It was such an emotional night, with each step I took I thought of my nephew Tony, my father in laws Jack and Colin, my beautiful Nan and Pa , my gorgeous friends Nette and Deb, Nanny Lovel, my gorgeous friends son Nicholas. I also did a lap for my online friends that have been struck down by this disease. I am glad that it rained that night because i had tears in my eyes for most of the night.
My goal was to complete 20 LAPS of the course, but when I passed that i thought well gee I can really do some more so my next goal was 50.. I got there and then i decided to have a little sleep as it was late I had a 2 hour nanny nap and I was off again. I think the nap was the undoing of me I woke up so sore.. My groin was hurting, my hips were screaming in pain, my legs were stiff and my feet were burning like fire..
I was now hobbling, I walked beside of my girlfriend Debbie that is a survivor of breast cancer, she said Maree go and sit for awhile and i told her that that the pain I was feeling was nothing compared to what she had been through.
So I kept on going in the end I completed 70 laps this was equal to 35 kms.. I was so proud of what i had achieved.. I finished at 9.00am Saturday because I had an appointment at the hairdressers as I had my cousin Sally's wedding.I then went home for a 2 hour sleep.. When I woke I had a look at my feet and I discovered that I had massive blisters on the balls of my feet..
Even though I feel like a train wreck, I am signing up again for next year.. if this event is held in your home town sign up and do yourself proud.. It is such a great feeling to walk in relay.
Here are some pics of the night..

This was taken at the start of the night.

These pictures are of our team, there are few people missing from the team as they came in at other stages..

This is a picture of out tent, three of my girls are in the picture and the other girl is Ellen..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The holidays are nearly over...

The holidays are nearly over for me, I have had so much fun actually having time to do some scrapping, well this will now come to a slow halt.. Because life gets busy again from working and running around with the kids.. So this is what I have been up to this week...
On the weekend I entered the Creative Scrappers blog challenge, all you had to do was pop over and look at the DT blogs and leave some love.. I was lucky enough to win a prize.. Can't wait for it to turn up in the post. Here are some LO's that i have done for some challenges over at .

For this challenge the colur scheme was to use a grey theme.. I have had this paper in my stash for years. It was one of my favourite pieces of paper..

Here is my gorgeous neice Imogen..The criteria was to use 3 pieces of paper and to do your journalling using stickers. It was great to use up some of my stickers from my stash.
Here are some recent LO that I have done for some challenges over at .

Fot this LO you had to use the words "These are the moments I live for" Jacana is with her orphan lamb Nosey unfortunately the next day Nosey died..

The theme for this LO was Learning.. I love the way Jiah is playing with his mum's sunnie

This is my Sister Melinda, the theme for this LO was to use green and white.. I decided to give 11 X 8.5 a go I could get used to this size..

This was for the colour challenge, you had to use Autumn tones.. Avril and Shaylee are trying to find Nemo at a warf in Sydney.. They didn't find him

Friday, April 2, 2010


This week on the MMT over at Artitic Document the theme is PUNK.You had to use all these elements on your page;moody clours,ripping or distressing, pins or staples, messy stiching and tartan. Here is my finished product. Part of the title "This aint no picnic"is a song from the Minutemen.

I wonder what next weeks criteria will be??