Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relay for Life...

On Friday night I participated in the first Relay for Life in Maryborough, this event started at 6.00pm and went through till 11.00am on Saturday.. The school that I work at had a team in.. What a night it was.. The weather was not kind to us, as it rained all night, but thankful it was only light showers. My whole family joined the team, I was so proud to have my family by my side as we walked for friends and family that have been struck down by this dreaded disease.
It was such an emotional night, with each step I took I thought of my nephew Tony, my father in laws Jack and Colin, my beautiful Nan and Pa , my gorgeous friends Nette and Deb, Nanny Lovel, my gorgeous friends son Nicholas. I also did a lap for my online friends that have been struck down by this disease. I am glad that it rained that night because i had tears in my eyes for most of the night.
My goal was to complete 20 LAPS of the course, but when I passed that i thought well gee I can really do some more so my next goal was 50.. I got there and then i decided to have a little sleep as it was late I had a 2 hour nanny nap and I was off again. I think the nap was the undoing of me I woke up so sore.. My groin was hurting, my hips were screaming in pain, my legs were stiff and my feet were burning like fire..
I was now hobbling, I walked beside of my girlfriend Debbie that is a survivor of breast cancer, she said Maree go and sit for awhile and i told her that that the pain I was feeling was nothing compared to what she had been through.
So I kept on going in the end I completed 70 laps this was equal to 35 kms.. I was so proud of what i had achieved.. I finished at 9.00am Saturday because I had an appointment at the hairdressers as I had my cousin Sally's wedding.I then went home for a 2 hour sleep.. When I woke I had a look at my feet and I discovered that I had massive blisters on the balls of my feet..
Even though I feel like a train wreck, I am signing up again for next year.. if this event is held in your home town sign up and do yourself proud.. It is such a great feeling to walk in relay.
Here are some pics of the night..

This was taken at the start of the night.

These pictures are of our team, there are few people missing from the team as they came in at other stages..

This is a picture of out tent, three of my girls are in the picture and the other girl is Ellen..



Good on you Maree for getting your family involved in such a worthwhile event I bet your feeling it today, but it's a small price to pay for such a worthy cause.....
Your a legend.......

scrappin' girl

GOOD ON YA GIRL, you and your family and friends did a fabulous job!!!!


Maree you are just amazing!


You are such an amazing lady!!!!!
Love the post you have just written so full of feeling it made me stop and think about a few things. xxx


You are a marvel Maree. I struggle to even think about walking 3.5km let alone 35km's. The reasons for you walking is inspirational.

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