Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Year 9 Camp

Last week I was lucky enough to go on year 9 camp. The theme of this camp is to Challenge yourselves. The activities on this camp were; mountain bike riding, archery, raft building, initiatives, the high ropes and the giant swing.
And yes I challenge myself I joined the kids by completing nearly all of the challenges, the only challenge that I didn't do was raft building.. I don't do dams, I like to be able to feel concrete under my feet when I am swimming.. And i also knew that it was going to be bloody freezing, the kids came out red as the water was that cold.

This is me doing Archery, I didn't hit a bullseye but, I was lucky enough to actually hit the board. I also hit balloons that were on the board.. The best thing was I didn't embarrass myself...

This is me climbing up to get on the high ropes that are 11 meters off the ground.. the instructor said to the kids, "Lets see if Gordo can do this", so I was first to go up. The kids were amazed that I would do it.

Here I am on the platform, waiting to walk out on the rope..The kids were amazed that I actually did it. I told them" I ain't no woos.

Here I am on the wire, it is an amazing feeling stepping out and walking on the wire. You are trying to walk and hang on to the top wire, whilst everything is shaking. This was so exhilarating.

In this picture I have just come down from the the giant swing. The swing is 21 meters off the ground. The kids have to pull you up to the top, I think I got whip lash going to the top as the kids ran so fast. The worst part of this activity is when you are up at the top you count to three and then you have to pull the rope. Once the rope is released you are off, flying through the air. This activity gives you a real adrenalin rush.
So I also challenged myself on this camp and I kept up with the year 9 students, I can't wait to do it all again next year..



Holy crap Maree that looks so high I don't think I could do that I could probably climb the pole but I wouldn't be able to get back down lol.....
Love to see you scrap these photos.....
Get scrapping girlfriend...

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OMG I feel ill just looking at these have more guts than I! Good for you!

scrappin' girl

HOLY COW!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!


Holy catfish and jumping jelly beans.!!!!!!!!! I have a fear of heights so I got giddy watching you up there in the photos.

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