Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look at what I found

As I was blog hopping this morning I found this new swap
What a great way to meet you meet new friends and to create something for them.. I have decide to join this swap I can't wait to create and find new this.
My mind is going in to over drive just thinking of what I can create with the letters;
F - fat quarter, fabric, felted animal, felted needlebook, friends mini photo/scrap album
R - Ric Rac, Ribbon, Red fabric, Ring, Rose candles or hand cream, Rub-ons for scrappers
I - Inspiration (craft or quilt magazine), Inches(tape measure or quilting ruler), Interesting Item
E - Egg Cup,Envelopes (personsalised), Ear-rings
N - Notions, Needles, Needlecase, Notebook, Necklace,Noodle box
D - Dark Chocolate, die cut letters for scrappers, doll, diary,
S - Sewing thread, Sewing case, Scrapbooking paper, Something Special,
The mind just boggles..
I will find out on the in August, who I will get and what are their favourite colours and craft styles that they like..
Pop over and have a look, you may also be inspired to join the swap..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grumpy pants..

Today I think I wore my grumpy pants to work. i tried to load some pics onto my external hard drive the other night and it wouldn't let me do it. So today I took it to the IT guy at work and he told me that it had died.. I have only had the thing since December.I have now lost everything as all my pics are on it..I didn't think to save them any where else.. I am totally pissed off..The upside is that it is still under warranty.. I am pissed as I hadn't done any of our pics from our Holiday in Sydney, all we have are the memories and no pics.. I took so many.. That is my dummy spit for the day for the day. Oh well I hope you have all had a better day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Beginnings

Today I decided to change my blog.. What I though would take 30 minutes took me about 2 hours. Nothing would go right. So this is my new background, I hope you like it because I am not changing it for a while..
Here is a new blog that is starting in August and they are looking for a new design team click on the link and have a a look. This may be what you are looking to do...
Today my cousin Adam and his beautiful wife Tanya gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She weighed 7lb 7oz, they named her Olivia Faye..I can't wait to see the pictures of their little angel.........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love holidays

Gee I have loved my holidays, I have so enjoyed scrapping.. Who needs to go away when you can scrap.. Here are my latest pages..

Here is Immy as a baby, Kirsty {my sister}emailed these through to me the other day.. This is Immy in her going away clothes from hospital.. She looks real cute..

This is another picture from my cousin Sally's wedding.. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day.

Shaylee recently made her promise to become a Girl Guide.. She so loves being a guide. She has been on a few camps, she is not a sport person.. She has finally found her niche.

This Lo is my cousin Johnny with his beautiful wife Tanya and their gorgeous children Ellie and Jack.. They are so photogenic..I love the look of the new Webster papers

This my gorgeous niece Imogen, i love they way she is concentrating on something..She looks so deep in thought.

Well it is back to the grind stone for me on Monday, the holidays are slowly creeping away..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holidays Scrapbooking

Well I am so hopeless, i have tried to load up my LO into the new headings and I can't do it.. Gee I am hopeless when it comes to electronics..
Here are some of the LO's that I did for the July challenges over at Pop over and check out the other challenges, that are on offer to do.
For this challenge you had to use the word "TOGETHER" this is a picture of my friends daughter Anna and her husband Matt on their wedding day. I chose the blue colours as it was the colour that the bridesmaids wore. Anna looked gorgeous on her wedding day.

This LO was done for the colour challenge, the criterias are to use the colours brown and green and to incorporate a butterfly somewhere on the LO.. I did my LO on my son Jay and his gorgeous girlfriend Caitlyn. they were stealing a kiss when this photo was taken.

Here is my take on the sketch,I used my niece Immy as the subject.. she so loves getting her photo taken.

I have also done a challenge that was set over at, So far I have done the colour challenge.. The colours that you had to use were; white, blue, black and green.

This is a picture of my sister Brooke and my cousin Kylie.
My last LO is from the challenge set over at kraft it up, the criteria is to use kraft paper as the base and you also have to use a minimum of 5 photos.. I have again used Immy as my subject.. Trying to take a photo of her is a challenge in itself, she loves to pull faces.


where have the holidays gone? A week has flown by so quick, this time next week I will be back at work. So what have I achieved these holidays, besides housework.
*catching up with Ngaire and her mum and having Chinese for lunch and then off to the art Gallery.
*Gone to see Shrek 4 and the Scouts/Girl Guides Gang show in Melbourne
*Had kids over for sleep overs
Oh and of course I have done a little bit of scrap booking, I will post my pics under the scrapbooking banner..
Well I better go as I have to get the roast ready for tea tonight and I may even make golden syrup dumplings for dessert