Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy snaps from Queensland

I have been so slack over the last two months. I was just looking at some of my friends Blogs and I remembered that I hadn't updated for so long, I have recently returned from a holiday in QLD. I went with hubby and the girls, it was amazing. The weather was great in the first week, but unfortunately during the second week there was rain about, but not enough to dampen our spirits.
We stayed at Broad beach, the apartment was so central, the restaurants were just a 3 minute walk. We ate out a few nights, which was nice as we don't do that when we are home. We went to all the theme parks the kids thought that Movie World was the best they loved the Superman ride. I wasn't able to go on the rides as my neck and shoulder are out at the moment, which annoyed me as I love scary rides.
All my children are dare devils, they went on all the rides. They weren't frightened by anything. My favourite park was Sea World, I loved the dolphin show and as a family we swam and snorkeled with friendly sharks, stingrays and with tropical fish.. It was an awesome experience.

This is the a picture of the shark, ray and fish pool that I swam in, I am so glad that the sharks were friendly..

I was mesmerised by this emu, he was eating the ochre of this mans arm.

This was 'Wipeout' at Dream World. The kids loved this ride so much.

The claw, was another ride that got a work out from my kids and hubby whilst we were at Dream World.

This was the first ride that they all went on at Movie World, they said that Batman was awesome but as the days progressed Batman was replaced by more scarier rides.
I know have a week left of my holidays so I am hoping that OI can get some scrapbooking done.. Wish me luck!



Looks like you had a lot of fun. Nice pictures :)

scrappin' girl

Looks like you all had a FABULOUS HOLIDAY Maree !!!!


So glad you had a wonderful time Maree the Theme parks are amazing....we were probably at the same parks @ the same
But I didn't do the rides oh hell they were toooo scarey I always keep my feet on the ground when we take visitors to the parks


Love the pics! Now get off ya butt and scrap them!

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