Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 2 of Do or Die

I was so lucky this week, I was the 11th person to upload and this was the unlucky number, so i was out..Fortunately for me 2 people didn't upload so i was safe. This week the unlucky number is #8. The challenge was put up on the site yesterday, so I hope I have survived this week. The criteria this week is to take inspiration from this movie promo poster
You are to design a layout using the cover of Live & Let Die as your inspiration. Your layout must feature something that you dream of and really want. You must include a playing card/s of some sort. Your layout must feature the word 'Big'. Years a go we went to Sydney and my hubby and 2 eldest girls climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge. Unfortunately I had to stay on the ground and look after the two younger girls so it's a dream of mine to go back to Sydney and climb the bridge. I turned the cover around on its side and used the rectangle for my inspiration and as the cover is busy i drew on this fact and made a large cluster on the left and a smaller on on the right hand side. I have also used 2 playing cards on my LO. Here is my finished LO
Here is a peek at the Larger cluster
I wonder what I will be up against next week? I hope I survived



Well that was a close call glad your safe for another week, can't wait to see your next layout...
Lovin that cluster....

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