Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Russia with Love

This week i was sent to Russia
In the Amazing Race
over at The criteria to be included on your layout for this country are as follows: 1. A large title on the page/The word DAUGHTER in my title 2. Use something long and horizontal on the page. Eg ribbon, paper strips, washi tape, twine etc/some measuring ribbon tape & a sticker 3. Use something you would find in a garden or park/ flowers & butterflies From my Amazing Race Kit I used the twine from
I used a pic from my neices deb, of my eldest daughter Talia & I for inspiration. I really liked this challenge. My next stop is in the Antarctic, so I better rug up.

Week 3 in Do or Die

This week in the DOD competiton over at Your layout must have a weather symbol clearly visible. You must include three clusters of three elements. Your layout must feature a word/s related to 'weather'. And the sudden Death number was 10.
I took my inspiration from the single female in the picture and I as there was a lot of black in the picture I have inked all the edges of my paper in black. The weather symbol that I used was a cloud, I have the 3 clusters with 3 elements & my tiltle is
Love sweet Sunshine
I was flat out with work & kids this week so i didn't complete my page until Friday night, so i think I may have died.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 2 of Do or Die

I was so lucky this week, I was the 11th person to upload and this was the unlucky number, so i was out..Fortunately for me 2 people didn't upload so i was safe. This week the unlucky number is #8. The challenge was put up on the site yesterday, so I hope I have survived this week. The criteria this week is to take inspiration from this movie promo poster
You are to design a layout using the cover of Live & Let Die as your inspiration. Your layout must feature something that you dream of and really want. You must include a playing card/s of some sort. Your layout must feature the word 'Big'. Years a go we went to Sydney and my hubby and 2 eldest girls climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge. Unfortunately I had to stay on the ground and look after the two younger girls so it's a dream of mine to go back to Sydney and climb the bridge. I turned the cover around on its side and used the rectangle for my inspiration and as the cover is busy i drew on this fact and made a large cluster on the left and a smaller on on the right hand side. I have also used 2 playing cards on my LO. Here is my finished LO
Here is a peek at the Larger cluster
I wonder what I will be up against next week? I hope I survived

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First stop Australia

over at they have a new challenge the 'Amazing Race' for the first week we stopped over in Australia the criterias are: Aussie slang on your LO on my Lo the slang is "True blue Aussie" Aussie ImageOn my LO I have used an Aussie flag Scalloped borders that resemble the borders of the Australian landscapes I have used many different borders on my page. Here is my LO.
This is a picture of my title showing the Aussie slang
This is a picture of my aussie icon, the Australian flag on a bottle top
I wonder were we end up next week?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Do or Die

Over at they have just started a new competiton named Do or Die for week one we were given this jacket to take our inspiration from. each week a number is picked and you have to have your LO in by that time, but the gallery is locked so you don't know if your are still alive or not. This weeks number is #11
You also need to add a contrast to your LO, a lock or key {or it can be both}& you need to add the word day on your LO.
This is what I came up with. From the jacket I used the autumn tonings & I placed my title on the left hand side as well.I have a key under my flowers & I used the word Day in my title.
A perfect way to send a DAY in your sisters warm embrace
. I am hoping that i am still alive, I will find out on Monday, when it's updated in the forum.